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N I E L S O N H O O V E R G R O U P RiskManagement Companies UnitedBy Independence. NHG No1 Comprehensive SolutionsFromThe GroundUp. ---------------- N I E L S O N H O O V E R G R O U P Ours is the business of risk. Each company in the Nielson Hoover Group mitigates and manages it with pinpoint precision for a select clientele. From individual families to international conglomerates our mission is to protect the people property and business assets of those we serve. By functioning independently our companies deliver focused expertise and specialized support while leveraging the operational resources and financial strength of our leadership position. NHG No1 N I E L S O N H O O V E R G R O U P -------------------- The Nationwide LeaderIn Construction Bonds. N I E L S O N H O O V E R C O M P A N Y From Wall Street to Main Street NHC focuses on surety bonds for the construction industry. Surety bonds take the risk out of this risky business by providing legal assurance that all work will be done in compliance with contract documents projects will be delivered lien free and all subcontractors will be paid in full. The NHC Advantage revolves around three key words integrity dedication and excellence. Unlike most surety bond providers the company is not beholden to any single insurance company. Instead it represents more leading sureties than any other agency nationwide. This adds up to more options more negotiating leverage and ultimately better terms and enhanced services for clients. Contract Surety Bonds including Bid Bonds Performance Bonds and Payment Bonds Commercial Surety Bonds including Judicial Bonds License and Permit Bonds Public Official Bonds and Miscellaneous Bonds International Sureties for Domestic and Foreign Companies including Contract Commercial Advanced Payment and Warranty Bonds Nielson Hoover Company is Americas leading provider of construction bonds. And you dont become number 1 overall unless youre 1 through and through. No1 N I E L S O N H O O V E R C O M P A N Y -- - The strength of CAFF comes from an intense focus on what the company and its leaders do best commercial insurance. No other agency can equal the industry knowledge and long-standing relationships that CAFF has fostered with the nations leading insurance companies. Today CAFF is among the nations largest independent insurance agencies. Whether its a construction wholesale professional service or property risk CAFF leverages its rock-solid relationships with leading insurance companies to find the most effective risk management solutions. With over 100 years of combined experience the team at CAFF has only one goal and thats to provide the absolute finest service and products in the industry. Construction Risk Management Commercial Risk Management When it comes to commercial insurance no company does it better than Collinsworth Alter Fowler French. C ollinsworth A lter F owler F rench CAFFNo1 -------- ------------------- TheBest InCommercial Insurance. --------------- C ollinsworth A lter F owler F rench --------------Agents OfChange. ------------------- C O L L I N S W O R T H A LT E R L A M B E R T C ollinsworth A lter L ambert CALNo1 CAL takes great pride in elevating the standards of commercial and personal insurance. The company was founded on the principle that building genuine relationships with clients is how business should be done. That means sitting down to assess needs developing a clear understanding of the situation presenting viable options and collaborating with customers to pinpoint the right solution. As an independent agent CAL is never beholden to any one company. Instead it operates in the best interests of each customer by working with many of the nations top providers in an open competition to deliver the best terms. Construction Risk Management Commercial Risk Management Surety Bonds Personal Insurance Insurance isnt about formulas. Its about education communication and customization. This is how CAL is changing the game. -- The Nielson Hoover Group companies share a mission to deliver the best bonding insurance and risk management services. We are united in our efforts but remain independent companies unburdened by ties with any single provider. Our interests are aligned solely with our customers and their needs. To us this is the only way to do business. To learn more please call 305.722.2663 or visit NIELSON HOOVER GROUP No1