#1 In Results

Nielson, Hoover & Company, Inc. is fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit that leads to surety solutions other companies simply cannot deliver. Getting there takes more than expertise. It takes a fearless willingness to think outside the box and seek out new and better ways to protect your business. At NHC, we look beyond convention to deliver rock-solid outcomes built for your needs.

#1 in Negotiating

We have personal and powerful relationships with the top providers in the nation. They know us and, more importantly, they believe in Nielson, Hoover & Company. This allows us to bring you more quality options and negotiate deeply customized programs with the most favorable terms and conditions you’ll find anywhere.

#1 in Drive

Admittedly, we have a nice-sized chip on our shoulders. We take great pride and joy in consistently proving ourselves against the faceless conglomerates in the industry. The bottom is we provide a level of personal service and dogged determination no other surety company will match. We will outwork, outthink and out deliver any and all challengers. That’s a promise.

When all is said and done, what really makes Nielson, Hoover & Company #1 is that our customers say so. This is an immense source of pride for us and we fully intend to keep living up to it and building upon it. We hope that explains things for you.