With more and more of our clients going mobile, Nielson, Hoover & Company realized the importance of a fast and convenient mobile application. Our “#1 Bond Request” app is designed for use with the iPad and is available FREE for download now on iTunes. The app allows the user to quickly and easily submit a bid or performance and payment bonds request anywhere, anytime from any location, no matter how remote.

The app was created with several unique features including the ability to store user information which saves time and effort for those who need to submit multiple bond requests by not having to re-enter common information required for each request such as bid amount, bid bond percentage, duration, retainage, etc. In addition, integration with the iOS camera eliminates the need to scan and attach documents for bond requests.

Once a bond request is submitted, one of Nielson, Hoover & Company’s surety specialists will have it prepared and sent to you. If you are not already a client, they will analyze your request and provide the right strategy to maximize your surety credit.