What Our Clients Can Expect From NHC

Whether you need your first bond or as an established company you’re looking to obtain greater capacity and better terms, NHC’s knowledge and customized surety solutions will deliver better results than anyone else in the industry.

At NHC, our commitment is ongoing. We will continually engage with you, learning everything we need to better understand your business. Here’s what our unparalleled experience offers you.

The Power of NHC

Over the years, Nielson, Hoover & Company has established an outstanding reputation in the industry. We’ve developed and maintained strong relationships with the nation’s top surety providers. As a result, we have better access to key decision makers, which enables us to better negotiate for our clients.

Faster, More Efficient Bond Requests

At Nielson, Hoover & Company, we do business on your terms. That’s why we offer you multiple ways to request your surety. Whether it’s online, an email, a fax, in-person or through our #1 Bond Request app or the industry’s first and only web-based portal, “Suretegrity”, where you can apply online and securely print a certified surety bond with just the click of a mouse. No matter how you apply, our simple application process is designed to make the job fast, efficient and accurate.

Better Rates

We write more surety bonds than any other agency in the business. This simple fact translates into being able to offer the best rates for your particular situation while, at the same time, ensuring that your terms are in line with the best the market has to offer.

Underwriting Capabilities

Because Nielson, Hoover & Company focuses on bonds and bonds only, we lead the industry in knowledge and experience. This expertise has allowed us to build strong in-house underwriting capabilities. Our experience helps us put together a solution that’s right for you, guaranteeing you’ll be introduced to the right surety to maximize your needs from the start.

Poor Credit Solutions

As a result of the volume of business we handle and the number of surety companies we deal with, regardless of a company’s financial situation, we can find a surety solution to fit your individual situation.

Our People are What Make Our Company

We have the largest staff of experienced professionals – larger than any other agency, larger than many surety companies. NHC’s knowledge and expertise of the construction industry is unsurpassed. We are experts in all aspects of the construction industry from understanding contracts and subcontracts to the details of how the construction industry’s accounting procedures function. This comprehensive industry knowledge, combined with a keen sense of the markets, allows us to tailor the perfect surety solution for each of our clients. Our people are also one of the main reasons that NHC has been able to maintain the long-lasting relationships we’ve established. Over the years, we’ve become trusted advisers to both our clients and the surety companies we work with.

Agency Philosophy

Our Agency admires good sportsmanship, integrity, hard work, kindness, and excellence. Employees who do
not share these values will probably not be happy working here. We want those employees who do
share these values to be happier with us than with any other organization.

  • Clients Come First

    Our Agency admires good sportsmanship, integrity, hard work, kindness, and excellence. Employees who do not share these values will probably not be happy working here. We want those employees who do share these values to be happier with us than with any other organization.

  • Sense of Urgency

    Delay destroys excellence. Backlogs are much harder to cure than to prevent. Do not let any backlog build. We do not admire or reward employees that “go it alone”. Ask for help and offer it when necessary.

  • Happiness

    We spend a large part of our waking hours at work. Satisfaction in work progress and product should be accompanied by professional friendship with co-workers. Someone who does good quality work, but does not cooperate with co-workers and make the office a more pleasant place to spend time can never be successful in this agency. We must make each other and every client feel good about working with us.

  • Sense of Order

    Piles of work and disorder create stress and show a lack of control. Everyone performs better in an environment that is calm and neat. Please be serious about the appearance of your desk, work area, and the office in general. Take responsibility for common areas. Our office space should always look as though we were expecting our most important visitor.

  • Fix Things

    We must all assume responsibility for any problems we see in the agency. Suggestions, elbow grease, cooperation, and enthusiasm are priceless and appreciated greatly. Hiding problems make them worse. Speaking up about problems takes courage that we respect and will reward.

  • Make Us Better

    We are proud of our agency, but everyone and everything can be improved. Never hesitate to make suggestions to enhance our productivity and the quality of our product. An idea that doesn’t work is better than no idea at all.

  • Act Professionally

    Our office strives to present a professional and relaxed face. We want to dress, speak and work with one another in a respectful, professional manner at all times.

  • Be Proud of Us

    Our agency is a business family. People feel best about their jobs when they’re proud of their organization and its accomplishments. When our agency is mentioned outside of the office we all should be able to speak about it knowledgeably and with pride.

NHC’s Core Values

  • 1

    Integrity, honesty, forthrightness with employees, customers, markets and vendors.

  • 2

    All who work at NHC should find satisfaction in their daily activities. A workforce happy and satisfied with their jobs should create as closely as possible a “zero” employee turnover.

  • 3

    Where possible, NHC will compensate its employees on a basis that is as reflective as possible of the activities of that particular position.

  • 4

    Service to our customers is the most important activity of all employees.

  • 5

    All who visit our offices, whether customers or markets, are treated as honored guests.

  • 6

    Continued education is the basis for maintaining the skills necessary to be the number one bond producing agency in the state of Florida and eventually in the United States. Every effort will be made to provide and sponsor educational activities for all employees.

  • 7

    We do all possible to assist employees who encounter personal problems and needs. As a matter of fact, it is our policy to go out of our way to take a proactive approach to making certain that we are doing everything possible when our assistance would lighten a burden or improve the quality of their lives.

  • 8

    The financial obligations of NHC shall be addressed in a prompt and fair basis. Perfect credit is an essential and mandatory objective.

  • 9

    Our principle emphasis to overall management of our business is revenue based. Expenses will be dealt with on a logical basis, but is not the basis of our financial success. Prosperity and employee contentment is achieved when we are working together for the purpose of obtaining new revenue and new growth. Everyone is interested in being part of a successful organization that is considered the preeminent company in their particular line of business. Being #1 in our business is not just an objective, but a value that we have instilled in all employees.

  • 10

    In every situation, the welfare of our employees is more important than the profitability of our company. A satisfied, motivated and content workforce will always lead to profitable operations.

  • Nielson Hoover Advantage

    Being anything less than the best isn’t worth bragging about. Nielson, Hoover & Company, Inc. is America’s #1 provider of Construction Bonds. We bond more projects than any other agency out there. Only we can say it because only we can do it. No matter what your current bonding situation is, we can improve your amount of surety credit.


  • Companies We Represent

    Our strength not only lies in our people, but in the company we keep. And since we represent the leading surety companies nationwide, our strength translates into greater capacity and better terms. It also enables us to adapt quickly to changing markets and respond just as quickly with well thought out plans.


  • iPad App

    Nielson, Hoover & Company’s fast and convenient mobile application “#1 Bond Request” is a free app that allows you to quickly and easily submit a bond request from any location no matter how remote. This app was created so you can request a Bid or Performance and Payment Bonds anywhere, anytime.