Infographic : Things You Must Know About Construction Bond Claims

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The infographic “Learn All About Construction Bond Claims” describes the important details about construction bond claim, like the definition, what a claim includes, and the things related to sending a construction bond notice. A construction bond claim is used to claim payment on a state, county, or municipal construction project. It is important to know that the lien rights do not apply to state-owned property, as the state government won’t permit anyone to foreclose on its land.

A construction bond claim generally includes claimant’s details (name, address, and contact number), name of the project, location of the project, name of the debtor, amount owed, and a request for copy of the bond in order to comply with local law and regulations. While sending a construction bond notice, you must be aware that each state has different bond claim guidelines and deadlines; you should check your state’s requirements before sending a notice.  Some states may require you to send preliminary notices and these may be completely different from the preliminary notices required in the same state for private projects. For more details about sending a construction bond claim, please refer to the infographic.

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