Infographic : Risk Transfer with Construction Bonds

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Construction projects cause lot of worry to the project owners. Most project owners reduce their worries by hiring a contractor to work on the construction project. To involve a contractor in any construction project, the project owner demands a construction bond from the contractor. A construction bond protects both the contractor and the project owner from any kind of risk. Any contractor can acquire a construction bond within a week from any licensed company offering surety bonds. The size of the project is never an issue when getting a construction bond from the surety company. A construction bond includes 5 different types of bonds. Bonds cover all types of issue that may arise in the construction project. Construction bonds are a kind of proof that the contractor is capable of completing the project and that the contractor is competitive and financially strong.

The infographic titled  “What You Need To Know About Construction Bond Companies” provides detailed information about the requirements of bonding companies, their rating system, treasury list, and single bond/aggregate list per customers. For more information about construction bond companies, you can refer to the infographic below.

 Risk Transfer with Construction Bonds