Complete Submission Package

The following is a list of information and forms necessary to set up a bond line. We can start the process with as little as your most recent fiscal year-end financial statement. The information requested in the Bond Kit Cover Letter with Checklist simply helps the underwriters better understand you and your business as well as allows us to provide you with the best facility possible.

Additional Information Needed

  • Business Financial Statements

    Provide a copy of the company’s fiscal year-end financial statements for the last three years. An independent accounting firm must prepare these statements. If the most recent year-end statement is older than six months, please include an interim statement.

  • Resumes

    Please provide resumes for all owners and key employees.

  • Current Certificate of Insurance

    Please provide a current certificate of insurance.

  • References

    Please include letters of reference from suppliers and previous jobs.

  • Brochure of Company

    If available, please provide a company brochure.