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Throughout the years, Nielson, Hoover & Company has developed a deep understanding of the construction industry. This knowledge allows us to provide superior services and comprehensive solutions to minimize the risks inherent of the construction industry. NHC specializes in surety bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, and maintenance bonds. We are also experts in commercial bonds, judicial bonds, license & permit bonds, fidelity bonds, payment & performance bonds, public official bonds, and subdivision bonds. We have the capacity and experience it takes to support the largest national contractors and the hometown knowledge and personal service to ensure mid to small size contractors receive the same attention to detail.

NHC’s strength comes from the uncanny ability to solve bonding problems that other agencies can’t. We pride ourselves on the solid relationships we’ve helped build between the client and surety company. Our surety specialists have extensive experience and the expertise to help you overcome the most challenging surety problems. NHC has trusted relationships with the nation’s leading surety providers as well as the movers and shakers in the construction industry. So, whether you’re looking for more capacity, a way to improve your financial profile or even ideas on how to build your business, we can help.

The reason more and more companies look up to us is because we continually look after them by delivering the best surety options, period. In fact, we are the largest privately owned surety agency in the South East. We guarantee that no other agency, nationwide, will provide you with better service, more negotiating power or better terms.


NHC’s Global Capabilities

At NHC, our clients range from individual families to international public companies, all benefitting from the broad support of our global resources. Bonding is all we do, and each one of our surety professionals shares a commitment to deliver the best bonding programs and finest customer experience.

Our strong global network and long-standing relationships allow us to deliver the right surety solutions to U.S. companies doing business overseas. Additionally, NHC helps foreign-based companies obtain the bonds they need, quickly and at the best rates. As a Acrisure partner and member of the surety Alliance, we have the power to deliver more options, more negotiating leverage, and, ultimately, better terms and enhanced services for our clients.

Our job is to build you a comprehensive surety program, with the maximum capacity and the best terms and conditions, all while delivering a level of service to help you navigate the complicated waters of doing businesses overseas.


NHC And Acrisure:
A Powerful Partnership

It’s rare when truly vast insurance capabilities are provided with a local and personal touch. This, however, is precisely what businesses can expect from Nielson Hoover as a part of the Acrisure family of companies.

Acrisure is a top 10 global insurance broker and fintech services provider using groundbreaking technologies to stake its claim as the fastest-growing broker in history. Driven by advancements in rich data and artificial intelligence, the company is transforming the insurance and financial services landscapes and recording record revenues.

At the same time, core to Acrisure’s success is a deep belief in giving full autonomy to its family of companies. These are the businesses that change the game at the customer level. These are the professionals who build lasting and trusted relationships. These are the experts customers turn to for answers.

At NHC, we are proud to be part of Acrisure. Namely, because we’re now able to provide our customers with even greater negotiating power, global resources, and stronger surety options, all while continuing our history of personal service.

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  • Companies We Represent

    Our strength not only lies in our people, but in the company we keep. And since we represent the leading surety companies nationwide, our strength translates into greater capacity and better terms. It also enables us to adapt quickly to changing markets and respond just as quickly with well thought out plans.


  • Agency Philosophy

    Our core philosophy revolves around three key words – integrity, dedication and excellence. The reason companies look up to us is because we continually look after them. We guarantee that no other company, nationwide, will provid you with better service and we work hard every day to improve the quality of the work that we do.


  • iPad App

    Nielson, Hoover & Company’s fast and convenient mobile application “#1 Bond Request” is a free app that allows you to quickly and easily submit a bond request from any location no matter how remote. This app was created so you can request a Bid or Performance and Payment Bonds anywhere, anytime.



Commercial and Construction Insurance

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