The 2018 Surety Alliance Annual Meeting in Italy welcomed industry experts from around the world to discuss the impact of geopolitical issues affecting global surety markets.

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Alba, Italy (May 20, 2018) — This spring, members of the International Surety Alliance gathered to share their ideas and experiences while also gaining insight into industry issues from their peers. The 3-day event brought together various speakers (both live and via video) to discuss the surety industry, global economics, politics, technology, finance, and business management practices.

Alliance members, including America’s leading provider of surety bonds, Nielson, Hoover & Company, and its President, David Hoover, came together from around the world to take part in discussions focused on the impact of geopolitical developments on the surety world. The first day’s meetings were dedicated to conversations about international surety success stories experienced by each of the members in attendance. “No matter the distance between the SA members, many of our issues are the same. How we approach the issues may differ, yet we all can learn from one another.  As a result, we become more valuable to our own businesses and our client’s needs,” said David Hoover. The second day’s morning session was kicked-off by keynote speaker, Sean McGroarty, the Global Head of Bonding from Euler Hermes headquartered in Paris, France, with the afternoon session continuing with more industry reviews, analysis and success stories. The day ended with a presentation from one of the Surety Alliance’s most important partners, Zurich Insurance. After the session’s ended, Hoover went on to say, “Working with a peer group of likeminded professional entrepreneur surety brokers from around the United States and the world provides an excellent platform to support surety programs for multinational businesses.”

The 3-day event concluded with a taste of Italy, as members attended a guided tour of “Museo del Vino di Barolo”, the prestigious Wine Museum located in the well-known historical town of Barolo. After lunch, members visited the “Antiche Cantine dei Marchesi di Barolo”, Ancient Cellars of the Marquis of Barolo. This was the perfect way to end the conference by sharing a little Italian culture, while at the same time, helping their economic development along the way.

About Nielson, Hoover & Company, Inc.

Nielson, Hoover & Company is America’s number one provider of surety bonds. They bond more projects than any other agency. Throughout the years, NHC has developed a deep understanding of the surety industry. This knowledge allows them to provide superior services and comprehensive solutions to maximize your bonding capacity with the best terms and conditions.  They have the capacity and experience it takes to support the largest national contractors and the hometown knowledge and personal service to ensure mid and small size contractors receive the same attention and expertise.  NHC does business with over fifty sureties which ensures you will be matched with the surety that is best for your particular need.  As your needs change, they have the market that will best match your changing needs.  Whether you are out growing your existing relationship, or have gone through some difficult times, they can help you.

Nielson, Hoover & Company is the largest independent surety agency in the South East with offices in Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Pensacola, Atlanta, Savannah, Charlotte, and Asheville. They have an extensive network of more than 20 experienced surety bond specialists. Their producers average over 20 years each in the industry with their customer service representatives averaging nearly 15 years. 

To learn more about how Nielson, Hoover & Company can help you obtain the best rates and most favorable terms and conditions, please visit or call 305.722.2663.

About The Surety Alliance

 The Surety Alliance™ is an exclusive peer group of professional construction and commercial surety brokerages located in major money centers throughout the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. Its members are committed to pooling their knowledge and strengths among fellow members with a singular objective of providing unsurpassed service and depth of resources to clients.

SA members are sophisticated regional surety firms, widely respected and recognized as having a deep knowledge of the surety industry, and are dedicated to the maintenance of professional standards that earn them the respect of clients and surety carriers alike.
Best of breed construction firms now have a choice that moves beyond the traditional large brokerage houses.  These multi-national firms have office locations around the world, but dots on a map do not equate to talent, value, or exceptional service. 

The Surety Alliance™ provides you with talented, resourceful, entrepreneurial firms and individuals around the world.  Every Surety Alliance location provides your firm with access to the very best surety professionals in that geographic region.

To learn more about how Surety Alliance, please visit

Payment Bonds – type of surety Bond

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Payment bonds are a type of surety bond that is required by contractors to guarantee that all parties involved in the project including the subcontractors, material suppliers and workers will be paid, regardless of the project’s completion. The cost of these is based largely upon the contract value of the job, and they should be presented along with performance bonds. Therefore, all contractors who want to find work in their state will need to be eligible for these bonds. Continue reading Payment Bonds – type of surety Bond

Apply for a Surety Bond Online

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Surety bonds are usually required for contractors to work on projects. Without it, a contractor might not be able to work with project owners, workers, and material suppliers. These are the people who play a significant role in the successful completion of contracted job. Surety bonds protect project owners if the principal does not fulfill their obligations per the terms of their agreement. Continue reading Apply for a Surety Bond Online