Surety Bonds Done With Integrity,
Dedication & Excellence.

From Wall Street to Main Street, NHC focuses on surety bonds for the construction industry. Surety bonds take the risk out of this risky business by providing legal assurance that all work will be done in compliance with contract documents; projects will be delivered lien free; and all subcontractors will be paid in full.

Unlike most surety bond providers, the company is not beholden to any single insurance company. Instead, it represents more leading sureties than any other agency nationwide. This adds up to more options, more negotiating leverage, and, ultimately, better terms and enhanced services for clients.



NHC. There is a Difference.

We wouldn’t be America’s number one construction bond provider if we weren’t also leading the way in experience, knowledge, service and commitment. Being the best through and through – it’s the only way we know how to be.

  • Our People

    We have the largest staff of experienced professionals – larger than any other agency, larger than any surety company in our market.

  • Our Customers

    Whether you need your first bond or need greater capacity and better terms, our customized solutions help you better than anyone else.

  • Our Business

    We represent more leading sureties and bond more construction projects nationwide than any other agency out there.